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New Bathroom Construction

Service Description

New bathroom construction typically involves several steps, including: Planning and design: This includes determining the layout and style of the bathroom, selecting fixtures and finishes, and obtaining any necessary permits. Demolition: If the bathroom is being remodeled, existing fixtures and finishes will be removed. Rough-in plumbing: The plumbing for the bathroom is installed, including the rough-in for the toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub. Electrical work: Wiring and electrical outlets are installed for lights, fans, and other electrical fixtures. Framing: The walls, floors, and ceiling are framed to create the structure of the bathroom. Drywall installation: The walls and ceiling are covered with drywall. Finishing work: The bathroom is finished with paint, tile, flooring, and other materials. Installation of fixtures: Fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and shower/tub are installed. Finishing touches: The bathroom is cleaned and final details are completed. MLJ Construction is unmatched when it comes to new bathroom construction. View our gallery and you will see our work speaks for itself. Contact us for a quote today!


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